Brooke Singer
art, inquiry, action
Unison (the book) is a result of my research at Unison Arts in New Paltz, NY, in summer 2020 as I planned for the construction of Site Profile Flag #4

Initially, I invited a handful of people to walk the grounds of the sculpture park to read the landscape with me. Each conversation led to another conversation, unfolding over the course of several weeks. 

The final form of the book takes inspiration from the tradition of deep mapping, or intensive exploration of place as developed by William Least Heat-Moon, among others. 

Unison is a small run, artist book in an edition of 90 published by Eureka! Press in Kingston, NY.

Download a pdf of the book here

The book is a collaboration with Michael Asbill, Stuart Bigly, Salvatore Engel-Dimauro, Katie Grove, Amanda Heidel, Nance Klehm, Laurel Mutti, Peter Pitzele, Steven Schimmrich, Connor Stedman. Preface by Tal Beery. Drawings by Rachel Meirs. Cover Impression by Invisible Hand Press. Photography by Brooke Singer. Color correction by Yong Kim.